Why Design Is More Important Now Than Ever: A Note From Sue Wadden

As I’m sure is the case for all of you, I’ve been giving this whole home-based work/life routine my best try. My husband, two kids and I have all carved out workspaces in our 100-year-old house — me in my basement home studio with our golden retriever, Maize, almost constantly at my feet. When my Wi-Fi got a little wonky the other day (imagine that!) and I needed to take some video conference calls, the two of us headed upstairs to the kitchen, where we had sprinkle donuts on the counter as a treat for the kids. You can probably see where this is going. As luck would have it, right in the middle of an important call, Maize went counter-surfing before I could respond — grabbing and gobbling up three of those donuts in a matter of seconds. How could I even get mad at her or, more accurately, contain my laughter during a video call?

I’m sure you have similar stories, and I think they’re helping us all get through how the way work — and so much else — has changed. After all, during a crisis as concerning and unprecedented as this, how do you stay connected with your clients, much less the world? Collaborate with your project teams? Orchestrate room installations? Generate new business? All, I might add, while staying safe and healthy — and, in lots of cases, with kids and distractions (Maize, I’m looking at you) just a step away.

We at Sherwin-Williams — and I personally — hear you. And we are committed to helping you navigate these challenging times and stay productive and inspired with tools, resources and a team of helpful, friendly paint and color experts available virtually.

Although at the moment we may be divided by space, we are united as design professionals in improving the world around us. That’s why we want to make sure you have access to everything you need from Sherwin-Williams, anytime and anywhere. That begins with your local and regional Designer Account Executives (DAEs) and Architectural Account Executives (AAEs), who are always here to provide guidance and support. Look at them as your behind-the-scenes project experts, even in these virtual-tech times. Lean on them to evaluate, update and write specifications to meet your clients’ needs — now and in the future.

Many of these DAEs and AAEs are hosting CEU courses and other virtual meet-ups, as well. This is in addition to online CEU courses covering everything from color theory to innovations in coatings, which you can take on your own time and at your own pace.

On behalf of the entire team at Sherwin-Williams, I want to thank you for your business and wish you and your loved ones the safest of journeys. We’ll get through this. I can’t wait to share our new products and 2021 Colormix® Color Forecast with you once the dust settles — donuts lost to the dog and all — and I look forward to seeing what you’ve had up your sleeves, too.

Sue Wadden
Director of Color Marketing
The Sherwin-Williams Company